Dynamic HD Lubes VersaLube Dry Silicone Lubricant SBA8102

Dynamic HD Lubes VersaLube Dry Silicone Lubricant SBA8102

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Product Description:

Dynamic HD Lubes Pro-Cut Metal Working Coolant is the ultimate solution for combating friction on a variety of equipment. This general-purpose aerosol lubricant is formulated with high-grade silicone to provide exceptional lubrication for gears, locks, hinges, and other machinery components. Its fast-drying solvents enhance its efficiency by preventing gumming and sealing out moisture, making it suitable for a wide range of applications from industrial to household uses.

Features and Benefits:

  • Superior Lubrication: Made with reactor-grade silicone to ensure smooth operation of machinery without sticking or binding.
  • Versatility: Ideal for use on metal-to-metal, rubber, plastic, and specialized equipment like lawn mowers, snow blowers, and dry cleaning machines.
  • Protection: Helps prevent rust on exposed metal surfaces and protects against freezing in locks.

Additional Information:


  • Appearance: Colorless Liquid
  • Fragrance: Propellant odor
  • Spray Pattern: Provides a 2-inch wide spray for thorough coverage.
  • Propellant: Hydrocarbon, ensuring a strong and even distribution.


  • Acetone
  • Aliphatic Petroleum Solvent
  • Synthetic Iso-paraffinic Hydrocarbon
  • Polydimethylsiloxane
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas


  • Danger: Highly flammable. Harmful or fatal if swallowed and can cause eye and skin irritation. Use with adequate ventilation and keep away from children.


  • Application Instructions: Clean the surface thoroughly before use. Spray a light film over the area in a sweeping motion. For sticking components, move the object back and forth to work the lubricant in, reapplying as necessary for optimal performance.

Shipping Information:

DOT Shipping (Ground Transportation):

  • Proper Shipping Name: Consumer Commodity
  • Class: ORM-D, which classifies it for less-regulated handling, making it easier to ship.
  • ID Number: None
  • Packing Group: None

This lubricant is designed to ensure your machinery operates smoothly without the inconvenience of regular maintenance, providing a reliable solution for a wide range of industrial and personal uses.