E-700: The Ultimate Industrial Degreaser for Refinery Cleaning Projects!

When it comes to safely and effectively removing grease, oil, asphalt, and other thick tarry materials from refinery piping systems, tank walls, tank floors, and process equipment, look no further than E-700. This remarkable product contains a unique blend of 9 different solvents that work harmoniously together to dissolve even the toughest substances quickly and safely.

E-700 utilizes components from Seismic's renowned "Oil Spill Response" product line, which have the exceptional ability to fractionate both oil compounds and protein structures. This unique capability allows E-700 to break down these substances into smaller molecules, facilitating their dispersal and removal from processing systems. In addition, E-700 includes a special soot removal compound that suspends carbon and soot in water molecules, expediting the cleaning process.

One of the key features of E-700 is its "Eutectic Cloud Point Reduction" technology, which enables it to lower the melting point of greasy deposits. This means that it can effectively liquefy sludges, fats, and tarry substances without the need for toxic or acidic materials that harm the environment or human health. E-700's innovative formulation is designed to adhere to the manufacturer's guidelines, ensuring a safe and responsible cleaning solution.

With its anti-redeposition agents, E-700 prevents reacted greases from redepositing on surfaces. This means that once the reaction begins, the grease, fats, tars, and sludge materials will "melt and repel," making cleanup a breeze. Unlike lesser cleaners that only dissolve oil and grease in one location, E-700 ensures that these contaminants are completely removed without the risk of redeposition elsewhere.

What sets E-700 apart is its exceptional formulation, comprising over 30 high-quality ingredients and 5 pre-batch preps that combine to create its final form. This powerful blend includes a range of surfactants, solvents, chelation and sequestration agents, soaps, coupling agents, and more. Its super concentrate form allows for dilutions as low as 3% for heated industrial cleaning applications, while concentrations as little as 5-7% can be used as a clean and wipe compound for any greasy surface. Furthermore, E-700 readily separates from the oil layer upon storage of cleaning fluids, allowing for easy recovery of oils.

Rest assured that E-700 is safe to use on metals, steel, rubber, and most plastics, with the exception of ABS and aluminum. Its non-corrosive nature ensures that your equipment remains intact while achieving exceptional cleaning results.

Partner with Seismic Blends LLC to unleash the full potential of E-700 for your refinery cleaning project. Our team of experts is ready to blend this exclusive product or create a customized variant specifically tailored to your project's unique requirements. Contact us today to learn more about E-700 and discover how it can transform your cleaning processes. Unleash the full potential of this exceptional industrial degreaser and witness outstanding results that exceed your expectations.