We have used The Burgess 982 Fogger, which is a commercial-grade fogger ideal for flood and fire recovery and eliminating pet or mildew odor, and we highly recommend it.

Removing heating element converts it to a low volume sprayer/mister. For thermal fogging only use products formulated specifically for thermal fogging (oil or water-based solutions containing propylene glycol oils). These products are flammable and only certified professionals should use them. Always follow chemical manufacturer instructions, warnings and safety guidelines. Refer to SDS for proper use instructions and to verify compatibility with thermal fogging. For low volume spraying (heating element detached), water-based and light oils may be used. Heavy oils and other thick fluids will not work in this spraying mode. Do not use wet-table powders in the fogger as they will damage unit and clog nozzle components.

To get the most from your fogger use a dry fog - the dryer the fog, the smaller the particles. Fog dryness is controlled by chemical flow rate through heating chamber, which is controlled by turning adjustment knob clockwise (counterclockwise for wetter fog). Wet fog deposits film or residue, which may be desired on trashcans, dumpsters, food truck boxes, pavement, or building foundations. Never use wet fog on upholstery, fabrics, or carpeting. While our products don’t contain staining dyes we do recommend following these instructions to ensure maximum effectiveness with minimum to no cleanup. Keep fogger 10 feet away from area being treated and let fog drift in desired direction. At this distance, any non-vaporized particles will settle to the ground. We recommend the lowest fog setting on the adjustable dial to give an effective dispersion of fog while not wasting chemical.


  • Ideal for commercial cleaning and sanitizing applications

  • Commercial-grade fogger ideal for flood and fire recovery, vehicle remediation and eliminating pet or mildew odor

  • Removable heating element for electric spraying capability

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