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Our company has developed an innovative line of exclusive products formulated from a unique blend of natural and environmentally friendly ingredients to provide a dynamic deodorizing action. These products were specifically developed to attack and destroy many unpleasant odors found in everyday life.  Each iteration is different in its own way: 

Decora Corner Creme Supreme is the most powerful, yet gentle skin tightening cream on the market today! Dramatically reduce wrinkles, crows feet, dark circles, puffiness and virtually all other visible signs of aging. Decora Corner Crème Supreme has a instant lifting and brightening affect. This anti-aging and firming cream is innovative, incredibly effective and all without painful inflammation and irritation. Try it and we know you will love it! Get yours today and experience the Decora difference! 

ODOKICK HOUSEHOLD 2oz, 8oz, 16oz and 32oz are perfect for ANY smelly area in your bathroom, kitchen, garage and even outside trash cans!  Our household blend is a perfect harmony of deodorization power and balanced vanilla undertones.  Our customers LOVE the fact that they can effectively deodorize their home without making everything in the house smell like a chemical cleaner!  No harmful agents were used in the formulation of this blend or any of our specialty products!  Your family's safety comes first!

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ODOKICK VEHICLE 2oz and 8oz are ideal for individual who likes a spectacular smelling vehicle without the overbearing citrus and pine fragrances that can be found in most convenience stores and auto parts houses!  Our vehicle blend is a unique balance of deodorization in addition to a crisp, fresh fragrance that can best be described as "A Sweet Sigh Of Relief" for the long commute home.  We use them daily, just like we know you will! 

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ODOKICK PET 2oz and 8oz are the supreme solution for smelly areas in your home associated with the family pet!  Odokick Pet STOPS THE PRODUCTION OF THE UREASE ENZYME IN IT'S TRACKS!  Odokick Pet is Non-Toxic and completely safe while being extremely effective!  Our Pet formula is utilized in homes, veterinary clinics and kennels!  It's safe enough to use directly on your pet!  Completely neutralize odors with our exclusive Odokick formula!  It's a perfect balance of deodorization power and semi-sweet berry undertones.  Enthusiastically recommended by pet owners, veterinarians, and groomers alike!  Accidents do happen, but when they do, reach for the Odokick! 

COMPOST KING 8oz, 16oz and 32oz are great for deodorizing compost odors instead of masking them with cover-up fragrances!  This bio-based formula is designed to do battle in the trenches!  Spray Compost King on the worst of the worst and notice the difference!  The Compost King blend attacks Sulphur, Mercaptans and Ammonia Odors like no other!  Only a sweet Fruity Medley remains after using Compost King!  Make your compost bow to the KING!

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SNEAK ATTACK 2oz and 8oz are ideal for deodorizing Sports Apparel, Gym Bags, Shoes, Gloves, Cleats, Martial Arts Gi's and so much more! Sneak Attack is the most effective and longest lasting Athletics Equipment Deodorizer anywhere!  Our product is recommended for use in Rehab Centers, Locker Rooms and Gyms!  Our athletics blend is a dynamic balance of deodorization and a Light Vanilla fragrance.  And as always, we keep it safe so you can keep in shape! 

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NOTHIN' FISHY 2oz and 8oz are ideal for deodorizing Ice Chests, Life Vests, Tackle Boxes, Live Wells, Boats and so much more! When it comes to restorative deodorization, Nothin' Fishy is in a class of its own!  This blends has been specifically formulated for anglers!  There's no smell like the smell of rotten fish!  Nothin' Fishy is specifically formulated to counteract the effects of Trimethylamine, the leading cause of that Fishy Smell!  In combination with its powerful deodorization action, Nothin' Fishy packs a Vigorous Vanilla fragrance that has been described as simply amazing!  This product is for those who don't just tell the story, but reel in the big one! 

ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS ARE GUARANTEED TO WORK!  Simply choose the product to match your odor problems, spray on the odor source and get the smell out!